Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lush Review #13: Celestial Face Moisturizer

       OMG!!! It is like heaven in a jar. I have really dry skin. Especially during the summer and winter months. On my last visit to Lush 2 weeks ago, the Lush sales associate gave me Celestial as a sample. She said it would be great for my dry skin. It is amazing. It retails for $24.95 for a 1.5oz jar both in their retail boutique and on their website.
        You might think $24.95 for a 1.5 oz jar is ridiculous, but let me tell you, it is money well spent. I would pay 2 or 3 times that for this little piece of heaven. Here is the link. Please pick this up if you have dry skin. It will do wonders.,en_US,pd.html?start=3&cgid=moisturisers

             1. Amazing for dry skin
             2. Great moisturizing
             3. Sweet vanilla scent
             4. Leaves skin soft to the touch
             5. A little goes a long way
             6. Can be used on other areas as well
             7. None greasy
             8. Absorbs fast
             9. Leaves skin soft for long periods of time

              1. Small jar. Wish they had a larger version


Lush Review #12: Rock Star Soap

       This soap will have you feeling like a Rock Star in the shower. It smells like heaven. Vanilla and sweet candy. It retails for $7.95 on their website for a 3.5 oz block. When you visit the Lush retail boutique, just tell them how much you want to spend, and they will cut you and piece and package it for you. Here is the link.,en_US,pd.html?start=10&cgid=soap

           1. The scent is like heaven
           2. Pretty color
           3. Leaves skin smelling sweet

            1. Scent doesn't last long on skin
            2. Soap doesn't last long

Lush Review #11: Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar

      The Shimmy Shimmy is a massage bar. It is a solid lotion that warms on contact with your skin. It is is made with vanilla and lavender. To me, it smells more like shea and coco butter. It brightens your skin and have glitter that shimmers on your skin. Hence the Shimmy Shimmy name. It retails for $7.45 for a 1oz bar. It is available both through their website and retail boutiques.
      You might say to yourself, $7.45 is a bit pricey for a measly 1oz bar, but this 1oz bar has longevity. It it may take you a year or more to even get half way through this bar. A little goes a long way. Trust me. Here is the link to get your own Shimmy Shimmy massage bar.,en_US,pd.html?start=1&q=shimmy%20shimmy

            1. Very long lasting
            2. Moisturizing
            3. Pleasant smell
            4. Shimmery glitter
            5. Leaves skin soft for long periods of time once absorbed into the skin
            6. Great for romantic nights with your significant other. Have your partner use the massage bar on

             1. Is a bit greasy when you first put it on, but eventually absorbs into skin
             2. You have to really watch how much you use. Way too easy to get loads of glitter on skin.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lush Review #10: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

       This is a great smelling soap. It smells like honey and toffee. Smells good enough to eat. It also comes with an actual honey comb attached. I have not tried a piece of the soap with the honey comb attached yet, but I can't wait. When you purchase this soap through their website, it costs $7.95 for a 3.5oz block. When you go to the Lush retail boutique, you tell them how much you want to send and they cut it and package it for you. The soap is available on both their website and in their retail boutiques. Here is the link.,en_US,pd.html?start=2

            1. Delectable scent
            2. Honey comb attached
            3. Leaves a lovely honey toffee scent on skin
            4. Leaves skin soft

            1. It does leave skin soft, but I just wish it had a bit more moisture

Lush Review #9: The Godmother Soap

       This is literally the BEST smelling soap. I mean, you just want to eat it. Of course you can't. My 10yr old said it best. She said it smells like a raspberry Jolly Rancher. It does in a way. When you purchase this soap through their website, it costs $6.40 for a 3.5oz block. When you go to the Lush retail boutique, you tell them how much you want to send and they cut it and package it for you. The soap is available on both their website and in their retail boutiques. Here is the link.,en_US,pd.html?start=13&cgid=soap

           1. AMAZING scent
           2.Pretty color
           3. Great lather
           4. Light candy scent on skin

            1. Dried my skin
            2. Doesn't last long

          Here is a tip about Lush soaps. Do not leave them in your shower. The moisture and humidity will cause them to melt quickly. After use, dry them and store them in a dry environment.

Lush Review #8: Sicillian Bath Bomb

      This was another bath bomb that I just did not like. The scent is ok. It has an orange, tangerine, lemongrass scent. It is very strong, but unfortunately once it is in the water, the scent dissipates. I wish there was a way for Lush to create some of their bath bombs so the scent lasts longer. This bath bomb retails for $6.40 and is ONLY available through their website. Here is the link.,en_US,pd.html?start=24&cgid=bath-bombs

          1. The only pro is the scent BEFORE it goes into the water. The scent is strong, but somewhat
          2. Has real orange peels inside

           1. Not moisturizing
           2. Scent dissipates too quickly
           3. Color is blah
           4. Does not really leave a scent on your skin
           5. Leaves tub residue


Lush Review #7: Sunny Side Bubble Bar

       What can I say about this citrus, shimmery, golden ball of goodness. The scent is wonderful. Tangerine, lemon and orange. It is so pretty. I actually didn't want to use it because it was so pretty. I caved and finally used it. It turns you bathtub into liquid gold. Pools of gold and glitter. Truly a luxury bath experience. The small bubble bar also makes lots of bubbles. Here is the link.,en_US,pd.html?start=2

       I will just show you the pros because there are NO cons in my opinion.

           1. Wonderful scent both in and out of the tub
           2. Turns water into glittery liquid gold
           3. Amazing bubbles
           4. Makes water silky smooth
           5. Smoothes skin
           6. Relaxing
           7. Feeling of luxury
           8. Scent stays on skin for a long period of time
           9. Oh so pretty